In today’s reality servers and data, storage systems are vitally essential equipment for any company’s efficient workflow. Any kind of office-based work process is highly depended on their stability. Even the smallest companies with the least amount of information capacity require server capabilities.

The proper operation of the server and the security of the information placed on it directly depends on the provider’s professionalism.

Basic infrastructure

  • Delivery, start-up, and adjustment of servers, storage and network infrastructure
  • Installation of ActiveDirectory services of a corporate e-mail system
  • Implementation of centralized updating, printing and file services

Engineering Equipment (for data center)

  • Video conferencing and video intelligence
  • Conventional and smart structured cabling systems
  • Conditioning
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Dispatching


  • Server and storage virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization (VDI/VDI 3D)
  • Network virtualization
  • Application virtualization