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In the network direction, the company "Lab Technology" offers a complete service tailored to the customer: network infrastructure planning, security, segment-specific and WIFI solutions developed based on individual needs, their delivery and integration, migration with the existing network infrastructure and support.


               We offer a range of products, including:


  • Routing: Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotic;


  • Switching: Cisco, Juniper, H3C, Extreme, Grandstream, Aruba, Cambium, Fortinet, Mikrotic, Sophos;

  • Firewall: Cisco, Fortinet, PaloAlto, Secpoint, Sophos, Hillstone;


  • Access point (WIFI) : Cisco, Juniper(MIST), Aruba,  Fortinet, Grandstream, Engenius, Mikrotic, Sophos, Fortinet;

  • Network passive components: Network cables, Fiber cables, Optical patchcords, Patchpanels,Transceiver and etc.;

  • Racks: Wall and pole Mouting racks, Network cabinets.

  • Telephony: Grandstream, Cisco;

  • CCTV - Hikvision, UNV, Fortinet;

  • Web application firewall (WAF): Fortinet, PaloAlto;

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